Assessment Management System

The BPM2 Assessment Management System (AMS) allows you to:

  • Import assessment data from multiple sources
  • Build “Composite Assessment Profiles”
  • Build Requirements Packages (Certification Requirements)
  • Complete scoring control and management
  • Unlimited LMS and Module sources
  • LMS Vendor and Platform Neutral
  • Multi-Company (great for outsourcing providers)
  • Re-purpose assessment data
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Build composite assessment analysis for stakeholders
  • Integration with Accounting and HR applications (Enterprise version only)
  • Output data to other applications (HR, Risk Management and Compliance applications)
  • Manage your training and assessment collateral
  • Schedule courses, modules and assessments

Ideal for Medium and High Stakes Assessments

Organizations that may benefit from our AMS include:

  • Organizations where internal certification occurs
  • Organizations delivering summative exams
  • Awarding bodies who deliver medium to high stakes assessments

Our AMS will be available in desktop, enterprise and cloud (hosted) versions.

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